Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Videodrome Post 14.

Don't really go in for  shows like this usually  and it's been  running for years - seeing as I find these forensic crime show s like this lack car chases and cheesy one liners I fear  those days are gone forever lol )but now I'm hooked on Silent Witness as I can watch iplayer on ps4 and Emilia's character Nikki's   a good example of a heroine who uses skills & experience  -and they're are people out there in the real world  doing her job everyday  behind the scenes in real  life  that crack criminal cases .. besides yesterdays episode also starred Derek Griffiths -a childhood hero of mine -strange to see him all Morsed up lol ..I'll have to check other episodes and has had a very good run for a drama since 1996 I think (but I only tuned in yesterday for first time lol).. a few episodes up on iplayer if your within UK -http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007y6k8 
A few more Emila Fox pictures-looking forward to tonights episode
Hope you like new header and background-I'll sort out LLBII once shows over-Thanks to the visitors who voted.

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