Sunday, 20 March 2016

Trooping the Colour-Post 43

I'll probably feature  Amina a few times here in next few weeks
First day of Spring -so a dash of colour.


Anonymous said...

Good colourfull post this, like 1 interesting colour also 6 love that burgundy colour but 8 the whole outfit fantastic on the beauty but sure the colour of the leather has been Photoshoped

Earl really loves his Leather Beauties Every Day

ramonetrooper said...

I hear you Earl.. mind you can't manage everyday here -depends on my mood or whether I'm busy - more to follow from #1 really nice pictures (although all have a # on them-as she's promoting a product . I am a fan of burgandy and wine colours so that photo really fit the bill for this post - as for photoshoped images -enchancements and re-touching is an art in itself -I use photoshop to draw but not sure how I'd go about improving a photo.

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