Thursday, 28 April 2016

Dreamcoats- Post 45

The wonderfully titled "I will say this only once"
5 From Phil's new site (the guy behind Modelcuir ,Hannah and Laura etc..)
Another from Lana's blog

Perfect for April showers.. more Alison #11

Lee Van Cleefin' lol


Philippa Dasher said...

Ah Number 4 is the delectable Gigi Hadid- she's not only a fan of leather coats but also a prolific wearer of all kinds of figure-hugging leather. She's one of my favourite celebrity models at the moment, not because of the One Direction boyfriend, but I like her blonde cherubic looks and style. She's got something unique & interesting about her, in my opinion.

ramonetrooper said...

Have to find a few more pics of her I guess-doubt I'll ever hear One Direction - I'm good at avoiding them and that Justin Beaver embryo lol but they get to meet fabulous women for sure.

Philippa Dasher said...

I featured Gigi H many times on our blog. I really like this series of images: and also this is a good overview of other pics we featured:

ramonetrooper said...

Thx again Philippa-especially like the bike pictures and images on the red stairs & and bomber jacket goes well well with those trousers -If I can find more from that shoot with Gigi holding the camera I'll post them here no doubt.

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