Friday, 8 April 2016

Galactic Beauty 7/Videodrome Post 16

It's as if a thousand nerds logged into youtube at once..

This is so Dirty Dozen or Guns of the Navarone .. I hope we'll get a decent space war movie  -different in flavour to the Saga -more in common with WW2 flicks - except it's a Girl on a Mission should be cool.It's funny how Spiderman don't I guess getten  bitten by a radioactive Spider back in 1962 has it's perks -look forward to Rogue One and next Spidey Movie as we'll get to see Felictys take on Black Cat paws crossed. Good choices... although I'd see Rogue One lol

Two screencaps from The Force  Awakens deleted scenes(not out till 18th here so these are from a fansite) Reys  a really good teeth gritter  lol Deleted chase  scene featuring Daisy rocking Po/Flints Jacket... Han's blazer is still cooler looking though...probably too big though

Daisy again.. looking forward to DVD -still don't know who this Mary Sue chick is Ikeep reading about ? must be an american thing lol .. nice thing about this first film of the Trilogy is that it's a mystery at heart - I'm positive that we'll  we get Rey's back story in the next two films ..should be intriguing -must be strange for her as one day no one knows who you are the next everyone does - would make a good Tomb Raider but do we need a movie of that again?but certainly fits that role

17 Cosplay of The Seventh Sister from Rebels animated series.. voice provided by..

Rebels just ended last week-the fact I'm an adult doesn't dim my excitment about each episode -hope September arrives soon... I wanted to do a proper SMG post on the second blog as she's a legend so expect more Sarah soon..gonna miss the Seventh Sister too..


leather leathergloves said...

Love post 18 with her big gorgeous eyes. Btw, I have checked out your tumblr site and it is also gorgeous. I think we are fully backed up now even if blogger closes down.

Traveller28 said...

Ms Jones is also a fellow Brummie :D

ramonetrooper said...

Hi blogger shutting down? news to me -can't see it happening.. got so used to blogger much easier to post than tumblr (as I'm used to it)-I also know i have audience here... but yeah if i think of something or see a wonderful picture I'll get around to a new post - more SMG on he second blog- I'll have to go hunting for some cool Buffy photos she does have lovely eyes.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Trav28 -would be cool if she broke into Brum in this movie- we've heard Scottish, Irish, New Zealand accents in these movies before.. so hey why not. + Vivianne out of the Young Ones is in Episode 8 can't wait to see who he's cast as :D .

Traveller28 said...

Woah!! Am not sure about the brummie (this is not the droiuuod you're looking for) but the rest sounds awesome :D

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