Monday, 30 May 2016

Trooping the Colours-Post 45

1 -Nice portrait of Nicky from


 8-I must of  featured this German model a few times here I'm sure so remembered link this time
 9 nice outfit from Tiffany -
Newish look from Rosa
 Should of put this one on bike post on the other blog(been a bit lazy there lately-sorry)
Thought I'd post this fast as the next Header Poll has to be a "Perfecto Day " look out for that tommorow 


Anonymous said...

wow what a posting you have really pulled the stops out on this set of leather beauties in colours>

Earl loves how a woman can look in leather

ramonetrooper said...

Some people do -why I set blog up kinda logical- Thanks Earl-hope you like the new poll piccies.

Anonymous said...

P i want a jacket like 4 you know who you are buy it and ill wear it


Anonymous said...

Lucky P whoever you are with an invitation like that who could refuse I know i could not.

ramonetrooper said...

I think I have a few more pics of that Jacket and model(who's kinda famous) so I imagine it's expensive lol -it is a great colour .

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