Friday, 5 August 2016

"Ultra Vivid Scene" -Post 28

Bored? ..then get a Board -(really should be a Olympic Sport)I've posted a couple of pics of  Audrey over the last few weeks so here's her MM portfolio




 Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a few posts  here and on LB II blog over the weekend


Philippa Dasher said...

Would love to see a new A. post if you've got more contributions from him ramone- the last A. post was 26th July! Sorry for the impatience but I always look forward to those ;-)

ramonetrooper said...

I've lost all of A's Emails -woke up one morning and all emails were wiped out- Outlooks been acting weird couldnt open e-mails as it was so security conscious so I've changed emmail address to a GMail account
as Outlook don't work properly.

Philippa Dasher said...

It might have put them all in the Outlook "archive" vault- I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can find them or A. will re-send to you. Thanks- I enjoy all your posts so don't worry :-)

ramonetrooper said...

think i managed to save one post -but everything has been munched up by outlook -its very likely I've been hacked-hope it doesn't wind up with the shutting down blog(i've had this problem b4)

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