Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Sorry Dude & Dudettes but things are not going to be their usual high speed pace here well at least for a few weeks -my comptuter konked out on me and I've lost all pics I was going to post here (actually not too bothered about that personally -more upset about painting I was working on in photoshop-took me a few weeks thought it was one of my best but now I'll have to start all over again :( )but things will be a bit slower for next couple of weeks which is a pity- hopefully I'll have something to post here on my birthday (which is Friday)


Philippa Dasher said...

Very sorry to hear that ramonetrooper! With your unpublished images, you should back them up on to memory sticks so that you don't lose them. Obviously what you post, is archived online but you should back up the new material you find/anything that you're sent by A etc.

Anonymous said...


ramonetrooper said...

Double Bummer in fact .the day after posting this post the brand new computer I typed this on also froze and died -I've only got this computer today -hope it lasts a little longer ..Thanks for the advice Phillipa -I know I should do these things but never do...should be back on track after today -fingers crossed.

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