Sunday, 1 January 2017

January 2017 Playlist

First post of 2017 may as well nurse hangover with noise and infinite coolness -hence Patti  kicking off playlist.
I imagine that's Sonics Jacket in this pic as like Chrisie stopped wearing ramoneclobber after a while

Summer Cannibals -
Simone from Primal Scream
The Pretenders -including one video where they invent Father Ted type comedy
by Fin good website all round
Alba Hendrixin' out.
Sisu in China B)
 A few live tunes from Saint Agnes (couple of new songs amongst them)
That's Marianne deffo... footage of when Christan Mistress destroyed London.
Junkers5 ...I might follow this up with some Cherry Bombz on the second blog later tonight look out for that.
Shonen Knife -a fun way to kick off 2017
nice shot of Frances from The Vaselines who complete playlist -still got a hangover it'll last me days lol should take a paracetnol but this is more fun.. may do a follow up post on LBII later tonight ... wishing you all a Happy New Year.

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