Monday, 27 February 2017

Oscars Best Actress Nominees.

The Naboo Navy had some cool looking gear -wonder if this uniform developed during Galactic Civil War (yes I know it aint real-but it's fun to speculate about these movies) the real worlds beyond me now lol..
Padmes up for a Oscar -I really should feature Jacky O on the second blog she always had cool style.
Emma Stone (who won -may feature her later -writing this a few hours after ..fell asleep so I missed EnvelopeGate )

Isabelle Huppert ...first and last pic remind me of Amature..may do a post about that movie .

Meryl looks a bit  like my big sister ..especially when pulling faces like this lol
Princess Leia's best mate Meryl Streep.
Ruth Negga as Tulip O'Hara
I'll have to give Preacher a look -I hope it lives up to the original comic.
I was meant to post this last night .. just not enough hours in the day .

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