Friday, 17 March 2017

Galactic Beauty-Post 9

Emillia Clarke mainly in Sarah Connor mode here-but post concerns next years Han Solo idea who she's playing ..but I'd like to think Han has a sister..I mean now that canons been re-written and we know very few facts about Han up until he's in his thirties ..did the Clone Wars make him an orphan I hope we get a bit more about where he came from -also hope new guy can do comedy as Han's the best character out of the good guys for that.Wonder if he's related to Napoleon from The Men from Uncle lol

Recently binge watched "Fleabag"on IPlayer  the writer and star Phobe Walller -Bridge is also to star in the Solo movie apparently as a CGI character (a robot perhaps?) I doubt she's a Hutt or anything ..have to wait till May 2018 .
Thandie Newton Rogue'in it up... she's scored a role too -She'd make a decent Sana Starros -Han's "Wife" . Would make a solid story if that incident in his life was on celuloid.
but I'm probably wrong on that theory-Han's Mr Smoothy we could all learn from him.

My second fave Jedi (after Mace) Bultar  Swan... I'm off now to get properly bladdered -Happy Saint Patricks Day,

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