Thursday, 4 May 2017

May 2017 Playlist.

Without doubt playlist high point is Wendy O. and the Plasmactics destroying (for fun) Pier 62.
9 years down the road with this blog -hope it's been a good trip + fave number is #9 .
The Savage Young Savages.
Pins & Pop & Joy.
The  best thing to come out of Moscow since the T34  The Cavestompers
 Maggies Marshmellows  in London town.

Spain's Bobkat65..(now that is a cool name.)

Coolest Cats  in Saint Petersburg Messer Chups. Oh! Gunquit..was actually at that gig where this was taken .. very packed  .a really good night followed by  Saint Agnes.
 The Burger Queens... covering ...

L7 (..more from this chap ..sorta.)

Lunachicks  + No Goodniks ...
and a  couple of fast numbers by the Hormones..
I guess 9's a fast number  lol  quicker than 8 .. Happy Wednesday.

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