Tuesday, 6 June 2017

June 2017 Playlist

Tribute to Mika Bat-I'm late with this as my computer has been  breaking down or not working properly in recent times but I was sad to learn that she's gone to a better place just this week  .. I'm hoping it's a hoax I look up what happened and it's all about that other Mika  (who isn't  Japanese or  a Mummies fan)  but very sad to hear  -very young , doesn't make any sense -but what does these days ?Music from Theee Bat Theee Mad(Cramps tribute)   and The Leather Girls all featuring Mika ...Gonna miss her .

Playlist begins with Japanese bands not uncommon on this blog I've dug Japanese bands since early 90's .. Baby it's You! and blog faves The Lets Go's (hopefully they'll be more live performances on my Trooperpalooza playlist in July)
Not sure if it's Carmen Maki on vocals could be a tribute act Carmen66  just like OZ + very good version of Beatles classic... Back from Japan  Abjects

live photos by the ever excellent Wildblanket....new song from Boss Hog +Jon Spencers Blues Explosion with some real biker chicks.. biker rock winners

Next up a very cool sock puppet and Dee Dee and The Spikey Tops featuring a member of PMS/Wench -I'll have to find footage of them if it's out on youtube or whatever for a future post.
Kathy Freeman aka Kathy X -from The Accelerators and The Birdhouse a numerous other bands .

I had to follow Birdhouse with Junior  Manson Slags same kind of era -good to see more videos up

Tess Parks... then two Frankie Valli and Four Seasons covers (both northern soul classics) firstly Intastella.
followed by Shocking Blue

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