Monday, 12 June 2017

Videodrome Post 23

Sad news about Adam West last night(I was just watching him on Family Guy just before I heard the news)So in pure "Comic Book guy fashion " thought I'd feature a few stars from the Sixties Batman TV serial (which I watched as a kid) first up a Interview with Lee Meriwether who played both Catwoman in the movie  and Lisa Carson in two episodes

Lee as Tracey in Mission Impossible (I think Leathergloves of Leather Leather Leather blog asked who this was a few years back so here's your answer)here's the episode that features Lee KGB'd up.
Mission Impossible S4 E09 - Robot by jomjulvid
Colourized Promo for Namu the Killer Whale which Lee mentioned in earlier interview ... Julie & Lee
Julie Newmar
hasn't changed a bit... Best job in the world been Catwomans henchman I imagine... guess Robin got wise in this episode. this is very smart.. Doubt that prison will hold her for long
Adam Burt & Julie re-united for animated feature..

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