Sunday, 5 October 2014


Getting fed up of this
what is this? seems like they're using stuff I posted? and here too
wtf is going on..?is it anything to do with google? I was hoping to do a post  tonight but not sure I should now.


Anonymous said...

That's just a standard content rip-off site to gather some ad revenue of their own. Happens all the time, particularly under crazy/fishy domains. Even Wikipedia gets mirrored these days. The two respective blogs apparently don't even care for certain topics, there are a bunch of different entries from god knows where in there. You could try to complain to the parent service or to the hoster, but unless you're willing to take it to court in Singapore (where the hoster is located) or in Montenegro (where the domain is registered), you probably won't be able to wield much of a legal sword. Try to see it this way: if your blog entries weren't considered worthy, they wouldn't get copied.

ramonetrooper said...

I noticed this last night- and there's other posts on other sites too- I don't have adverts firstly because most of the material here is not mine - it belongs to it's creators (I just happen to like it) and secondly it would interfere with enjoyment of blog- these greedy people -no sense of honour- this post won't be deemed worthy lol

leather leathergloves said...

I empathize with you buddy, as I'm a victim of cloned blogs too. In fact, there were quite a few already which I refused to spell out here to give them credits. I have tried reporting them to Blogger but they need you to copy every post URL and only up to 10 for a report and your corresponding post URL as well (goodness, you should know how many) instead of the whole blog. I have some success of deleting 10 of their posts at a time but more clones sprung out. I figure the only way to outwit them is to out-produce them for fresh "OEM" content in which they cannot copy the new posts in time.

ramonetrooper said...

Maybe I should write -"originally posted by RamoneTrooper" after each post-it does confuse me to see the stuff I thought of posting on a totally different blog with my words -which would be totally out of context on their page as I refer to my other blogs and stuff I'm doing besides this blog sometimes when searching for google it infuriates me to see these bots take credit where it's not due.
Changing the subject I was thinking I may start a pininterest board where anyone can contribute .. sound like a good idea? I can't see the sense in getting mad with this anyhow - guess it shows at least this and your blog is popular - it would be worse if I had original material though I would be more worried.

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