Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Avengers Screencaps 48-The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse(1966)

Lots of screencaps for a scene that lasts around a minute , and just goes to show what a great character Emma Peel is ..deadly ,intelligent ,funny, beautiful , sexy, assertive stylish  and classy to name but a few of her attributes all within a three  minute promotinal film, what a unique character , you kind of knew her successor Tara King could never be a carbon copy of her(and I'm glad she wasn't)
The one and only time (unless you count the chessboard sequence in the American opening credits you see Emma in her leather fightsuit ..(fightsuit would be the correct term after watching this )in colour. I really think this costume should be in a museum or something but the police confiscated it in a  raid (they may of destroyed it which would  be most sacrailegious and foolish).
Diana herself wasn't too fond of it from what I've read perhaps it was because it may of took ages to peel (sorry couldn't resist that one) it off after the fight scene in the rain in Surfeit of H2O, or perhaps she would get lots of crank mail from fans or perhaps she felt it unnessary now that they were filming in colour , still I'm glad she did wear it in a few episodes as it's a great iconic outfit... here's the short promo for season 5(which was never shown in UK as we didn't get colour TV till about 1969)


Swirl Girl said...

The catsuit is amazing but one reason she may not have liked it is the buckle at the neck. There's no way that was comfortable.

BlackBoba said...

The belts rather surreal (though it looks cool) perhaps if it was an open collar instead like the Uma Thurman version we would of seen more of her sporting the leather still by the time season 5 came out she made the jumpsuit her own (and it looks right for that era)

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