Sunday, 16 May 2021

Videodrome 37

 Well at least I can post again -yesterday was a bit scary for a brief while -but I think I sorted it although I  have to sacrifice comments  because somebodies a dickhead - probably re-think the look of blog altogether over the next few weeks - part 2 of my Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D  Post. I  managed to  watch all seven seasons and Slingshot web series (I'll embed that after  a few pictures of Yo  Yo Rodriguez -potrayed by Natalia  Cordova Buckley ) just need to see Marvels Most Wanted  if Disney +  have  that  pilot episode it would be good idea to show it there .

Should really be a Columbian flag behind her - kind of like a Robin Hood  figure originally fighting against police and CIA  corruption at  superspeed - so immediatly warmed to her

 A  few with Agent May - this stills from one of  the  time travel episodes in  season 7 (kinda like Star Trek  episode with Joan Collins ) but over a couple of episodes

She's "pretty quick as a matter of fact"

Here's the web series all in one nice little package ... If you haven't seen season 7 I won't spoil things but this is Kora (Dianne Doan) who plays a significant role to the series finale

With Agent May again - such a Badass Beauty

Dianne  also stars in Warrior a show based on my main man Bruce's writings - if only he was still here - it sounds fascinating  -watched   Kung Fu with Cain but it wasn't Bruce sadly -love David Carridine but it was  originilly  intended for  Bruce - this seems closer to his vision would of showed a clip from Agents but every single one is a spoiler lol

A few honourable mentions .. starting with Lady Sif- Jaimie Alexander

Elena Satine as Lorelei- who at first I thought was The Enchantress  another classic Thor character but she's from Germanic mythology  originally



The wonderfully named Roxy Glass  -played by Tipper Newton who I  already knew from the very new wave Color TV  who I've featured a couple of times on music playlists here

I can totally identify with Deke although  I'm  a 60's guy as oppossed to 80's as I  actually lived through it already -some of it great but alot of it cringey- we have more choice now I hope.

I can feature others from show( the next videodrome will be Agent Carter  themed)as I feel like re-watching that ) but  I gotta hit the hay but before I go  gotta feature Brooke Williams  who played Snowflake in season 6 ( would make a most excellent Durham Red  a Vampire Bounty Hunter  if they ever make a  Strontium Dog movie or tv show as she reminded me of her ) not leather first pic  but  nice looking jacket none the less


This Blogs far from finished - if you  wanna hack  go hack yerselfs ffs

Saturday, 15 May 2021


 Just visited  the site to see if anyone commented and got a  "Deceptive" site warning last comment was in Spanish and didn't make sense when  translated it so maybe that's the culprit - but if anything this blog is  as far from deceptive as you can get- it's total honesty - so wtf? even had the warning on my other two blogs - So whoevers responsible Up Your Kilt! Killjoy Feckers! -Blogs been running for 13 years I suspose it's had a  good run so if this is the last post so be it alot of people will be unhappy though  that's why I kept it running as I hoped it cheered people up a little , Sad it's come to this -might be a mistake though.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Skirt Alert- Post 85









Got the electrians in so  I have to rush this post as I'll have no electricty for a few hours (hopefully not days )

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

May 2021 Playlist


Lost Cat & The Slop (who share a kit basher)-who should appear on The next Trooperpalooza  playlist if such a thing is possible to do this year-searching for new artists although much of this platyist feels like a trip down memory lane as I've featured a few of these vids back in the day


Mattiel  (always think of the toy company Mattel  when I write  name)

More from Kite Base.

Erieza Royal and The Summary Lynch  with a shouty little number...wish bike pic was bigger though.

First of three interviews featuring Scottish Indie Royalty -first up is Rose from Strawberry Switchblade .

Dum Dum Girls -I still get nostalgic -2014 don't seem like that long ago to me.. but I guess it is.

Second interview comes from mid 90's on a late night show The Big E -featuring Frances McKee late night TV these days in  UK  consists of gambling or news not sure how that 
happened .

Final interview features Alex Taylor  of The Shop Assistants and The Motorcycle Boy - Sad she's no longer with us,

Hang about-it's The Walkabouts

Doesn't take a rocket scientest to realise I'm  Byrd fancier - so had to feature  Gene Clark & Carla Olson again - plus Carla's band The Textones .

That's May Playlist done and dusted -hopefully come up with something cool for June.

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