Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Anderson 3D

If you were wondering why there was no posts yesterday I took a break from here to watch The new Dredd movie on DVD last night, been a 2000AD fan .. Judge Anderson the rookie cop in the movie is one of my all time favourite comic heroines so The actress that portrayed her in the film Olivia Thirlby did a very good job of capturing her character..  I'm hoping to see more of Dredd and Anderson on the big screen some day. .. It's very tempting to screencap the film but my computer seems to have a problem playing dvds (besides it's too early really to screencap that film just yet)so I thought I'd feature a few cosplay pics here instead.. featuring the uniforms which I guess will be in the new Judge Minty film (A very impressive looking Judge Dredd  fan film) If it ever appears on youtube someday I'll link it on my other blog .

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