Sunday, 3 February 2013

Header Girl Results February

So a new header image has been decided for February- and it features Mia whose images I've posted before on the Leatherbabes Forum(which reminds me I should prepare a new poll for them over the weekend)so expect to see her for the next 28 days on top of blog.There's  also a few more pictures of one of the runners up(the other two images for this poll were one of's that fitted the bill really)
Updated 26.11.14- I had to delete the winner ..sorry.


Jay Black said...

Please remove all of my copyright protected photographs of Mia from all of your posts. The copyright notice is clearly displayed on the originating site. Failure to do so will result in the reporting of your blog to Blogger. Please be advised blogger has deleted many accounts when clear copyright infringement is evident.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

ramonetrooper said...

Photos removed-but this isn't about copyright - rather than its a nice set of photos .I state all photography here belongs to its creators in my disclaimer

Blackbird said...

This is all about copyright. International copyright law dictates that you must request and receive written consent prior to using my material. Fair use does not apply to photographs used in the manner and for the purpose you have used them.

Thank you for removing the images but I notice a thumbnail of one of the photos "Header Girl February - Model 4" so could you please remove that one also.

I will check again tomorrow and will not report your site to Blogger if it is removed by then.

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