Saturday, 23 February 2013

Music Playlist 9

Over the years featured many acts from all over the world on this blog , rather than just British and Americans so today thought I'd piece together a more internationally flavoured playlist .. lots of great stuff on here.


cjms10 said...

Excellent playlist, as always.

Luv Junkers5, Crucified barbara and wildrose hires.

I tried to find more vids, info on wildrose hires.rm.ram but no luck on u-tube or google. where did you find this band?

ramonetrooper said...

Wildrose Hires.. I think it was name of the - file Wild Rose Hi-Res when I uploaded(my fault really should of added name properly) it a few years back(actually quality of vid isn't very good but I wanted to see if there were any Axa videos online and I found a few on their old website(Axa been the name of the group , they were a group from Croatia , they moved over to the States a few years later and became a band called Ingray lead singer Adisa is also model far as I know , I have featured her and bands on blog over the years but maybe I'll do a newer post soon.
Junkers V are another group from Croatia yeah they're really good too)

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