Sunday, 10 March 2013

Leather Beauty Poll 23-The Winner

Dotti (not Dotty-sounds more rock n roll with a "i") Thanks for voting I'll try and start a Supermodel poll later today and also select some more models for Leather Babes forum poll  too -so look look out for that at start of the week if you visit that forum.


cjms10 said...

Great post!

Dotti is real sexy!

Luv the biker jacket pic set - where did you source them so I can look for more?

ramonetrooper said...

Originally found her page on Model Mayhem
and followed on from that from her bio.She does look great in those pics as poll results indicated.

cjms10 said...

Thankx for the info - Followed the links to her facebook pages and photos - Wow!!.

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