Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mara Jade..?

Last night was reading up on news of the seventh Star Wars movie and one of the castings  happened to be Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine

I also heard that Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame was also considered for casting  a few weeks ago

What do these two ladies share in common? red hair -so  Mara Jade "The Emperors Hand" .. who ends up Luke's wife in the expanded universe version of events is more than likely to appear in the next movies although that sounds a bit too predictable perhaps they were casting for Shira Brie(another redhead) whose story dates back to between The Empire Strikes Back and Jedi (this been in the comics back in the 80's)..

Luke messes up a mission in space  and indirectly creates a monster a Lady Vader- Lumiya -Shira of course was an Imperial Spy who sports a rather vicious weapon a laser whip - at the time it was a really gripping story and if  I know Star Wars been a space opera  they like returning to themes . Or maybe they could mix up Mara and Shira's story to create an epic trilogy- or even the the two could meet in a duel ..
I could be completely wrong  here  but it's fun to speculate.

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