Sunday, 14 July 2013

Honey West Epilogue Post.

I thought I'd round off my Honey week with a few book cover and comic book images featuring Ms West.. GG Fickling the author was in fact husband and wife team Gloria and Skip Fickling they produced ten Honey West novels altogether. In more recent times Trina Robbins has resurrected the character in comic strip form with various artists (Cynthia Martin of Star Wars fame been one of them)for Moonstone Books. Before last week I wasn't so familiar with character,I'm not sure tv show was ever shown in Britain but I knew it was a predecessor to The Avengers(in book form at least)it would be nice to have a tie-in or rather a crossover.. may have a go at writing it myself (I'll need to complete writing "The Defectors "script first-see Rumble Comics blog for that but the idea of Honey sent on a case to track down an MIA Cathy Gale across America interests me... who knows a Connery type character might show up too lol ) More about The Avengers soon seeing as I deleted the posts on LB2 I still have a few pics that may be of interest that I'll re-post later in the summer (I'll also re-watch a few episodes to kick start my Defectors act 2 script-I really need to write the second part of that story)

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