Thursday, 12 September 2013

The End

Sorry people who enjoyed this blog but I'm pulling the plug -just getting too many snarky arsey letters  from squares who think the world is their copyright -go pester google and all the search engines then .. it was fun while it lasted but recently been a hassle so I'm closing blog down for good... within the next 24 hours-btw if you've ever appeared on this blog and you're not happy about it-you should feel honoured .nuff said I'll keep blogging on my proper lesser known blogs but I gotta say goodbye to this one.


kris said...

Sad to hear about the ending of an era. Like I've said many times Before - this blog has been the best darn leatherblog/leathersite around. You deserve a medal for keeping it going for 6 years. I'm and I'm sure thousands and thousands of regular visitors will miss it dearly.

Thanks for the memories and good luck with your future endeavours


ramonetrooper said...

Your Welcome Kris, I'm sorry to drop such a clanger on everyone-I'm just getting a bit fed up of content disclaimers appearing everyday - its gone into overdrive recently.. its either all or nothing with this blog .. so if people are narked off about some content appearing here then I'll comply wholeheartedly by taking the whole thing down .. I didn't mean any body to be unhappy I'd prefer to of had the opposite effect

cjms10 said...

Sorry to see it close.

I have loved your blog!

Thanks for all the fantastic work and sharing your passion of babes in leather with everyone.

Best wishes.


ramonetrooper said...

hi're welcome dude,btw I'm thinking of putting a new invite only page -maybe on google+ or something - so if you genuinely want to visit page it'll be available to them ... I'll have to see if I can set up page first.

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