Thursday, 16 January 2014

A's Post 7

A's sent me a few policewoman themed pics this week starting with a few images from Silent Hill movie(possibly the best film based on a computer game)  I'll link my screen-capture post on the other blog  for good measure although size of pics are much smaller than these
Some Brazilian Narcs-(sure beats the blue army style fatigues)
Two more Brazilian cops -parts of Brazil are so  crime ridden it wouldn't surprise me if these are genuine pictures rather than from cop show I'll have to ask A about these pics.

Some Bolivian lady cops with some serious weapons(makes me glad that at least  in the main cops in UK unless assigned to special units don't carry firearms) you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those guns.
A Chilean female cop (maybe I should do a Hot Fuzz 2 post someday)
Some guy getting nicked by a leather-clad lady cop (she reminds me of my old karate teacher at school)
Screen-caps from a Bollywood film- looks kind of bloody - must be a bad cop.
To round off some nice stills of Sonya Kraus - look out for new playlist tomorrow as they'll be plenty of Police uniforms and plain clothes(but not so plain really)detectives .Cheers A -inspiring stuff as ever :)


Anonymous said...

In Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and long leather dress women civil pólices or detectives.
In the news some pólice women in leather pants and boots are over.
As the four women cops of anti narco Brazil.
They look very sexy. They say they are comfortable when moving or running.
Javier (La Plata - Buenos Aires)

ramonetrooper said...

Thank's for the info Javier-really they should of had this outfit option on Max Payne 3 multiplayer seeing as that game is set in Brazil- very brave women- even if they work for the man.

Garantia Cobia said...

In fact the Brazilian police woman shown wearing leather pants or shiny leggings and blue t-shirt is a real Delegada whose name is Monique Vidal and not a TV show actress.

Garantia Cobia said...

In fact the Brazilian police woman shown wearing black leather pants/shiny leggings is a real Delegada whose name is Monique Vidal and not a TV show actress, so the photos are real police women.

ramonetrooper said...

thanks for the info Garantia -A would know more about these pictures than I would.

Cristina Chestnut said...

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