Thursday, 30 January 2014

Header Image Poll -February 2014

Image 1
Image 2

Image 3
Image 4
Time for a new 24 hour Poll-the winning image will have the honour of been the title image for the blog for the month of February whilst the runner up I'll feature as a header for Leather Beauty 2 blog- check out the side panel to the right to cast your votes.


Anonymous said...

Hi the site is very nice. is the same
The ones I liked were.
(001 Bolivian lady in tight leather pants)
(002 Bolivian beautiful lady in leather pants and Brown jacket)

ramonetrooper said...

Those were A's pictures(he's better at doing my logo than I am lol) maybe I'll consider using a few of his pictures for the March header poll.Glad you enjoy both blogs-I'll have to figure out what to do with LB2.

Anonymous said...

leather beauties is simply the best just keep it going


ramonetrooper said...

Cheers Craig-glad to hear the blog is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

image 4 looks erotic and a tease but need a closer look

ramonetrooper said...

She knows how to rock a collar- but don't know about tease possibly her first shoot-that means she's a good model - She's header image on my other blog and bound to pop up on my "Perfecto Day" posts at some point

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