Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'm Back!

To Quote James Brown-"I'm Back!" -I'll get around to posting later today-blog will be a little more random now but I've come up with some good ideas nonetheless .


cjms10 said...


Awesome to have you back!

The best leather blog on the web.

I only just found out today.

Looking through the new posts the quality is just as high as it always was.



ramonetrooper said...

Hi CJMS 10-Yep back again although I did do quite a few posts on Leather Beauty 2- as well as movie playlists-I had second thoughts- when I saw how many visitors I get everyday- about 2000 a day sometimes just won't be doing any model polls- causes problems- but thanks for the kind words, and good to have you back.

raton decampo said...

i hope you have arranged your personal issues. It is nice to see tou again.

ramonetrooper said...

back saturday -should be a few posts over the weekend.

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