Sunday, 19 January 2014


Back to the 1980's and decent Saturday Night television(none of this ballroom dancing nonsense and wannabees who seek advice from  a panel of lamesters-I'll exclude David Walliams and Tom Jones from that as they're alright- but I find all that talent show stuff kinda of below par) I hark back in the days of Airwolf, Street Hawk  and  the A-Team and of course Dempsey and Makepeace-when car chases and roof top standoffs were the norm-I watched an episode the other day on my latest playlist and was struck by how truly beautiful Glynis Barber(Harriet Makepeace) is and stylish to boot-whats more she's still beautiful as you can see- but I do miss my pre adolescent Saturday night TV-one of the reasons why I started doing these playlists lately- I'll see if I can do a Cats Eyes post later in the week-I never saw it first time around but that's kind of a fun show too.

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