Friday, 17 January 2014

Trooping the Colours -Post 1

Possibly not the greatest name for a colour themed post and I'll probably recieve a dmca notice from the Windsor clan by the morning - but I have been neglecting all the other colours of the rainbow- black and white are off the spectrum menu it seems but I disagree lol . The final pic here is black of course but with coloured lights -I've always liked the effect that creates always looks dramatic and exciting.


Anonymous said...

lets have more perfecto or brando leather biker jackets I just love them on a girl mmmmmmmmmmmmm

ramonetrooper said...

Yeah they're my favourite type of jacket too - since I was a kid -maybe because they look so badass -that's why they've lasted for almost a hundred years- (The initial design started out as German pilots flight wear)- look out for the next "Perfecto Day" post for more, that should be one later in the week.

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