Sunday, 9 February 2014


A mega sized Daisy Lowe post for Sunday- sorry forgot to number the jpegs- but I'm sure you can count anyhow.. here's a few more posts where I featured her


Anonymous said...

Fab biker jackets plenty of leather soft and sexy and of course my favourite bit the zips I love zips the sound and the look and feel.

Zipy 2

Anonymous said...

your new header post and this one the motorcycle jackets reminds me (I'm female by the way surprised?)
reminds me of a bet four years ago my BF said he would pay for a trip to USA to hire a Harley if I would take only leathers with me for the whole 3 weeks nothing else but he did agree to a t shirt for customs as they make you take your jacket off.
By the way I did it so did he. we are married now and I still love putting my leathers on. Jayne

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Jayne- I think I get quite a few female visitors here-whether they are a fan or not I don't know but quite a few followers too so maybe that polls a bit misleading-people either pop by casually or visit everyday.Nice story-sounds like you met the right guy- look out for a new Perfecto Day post later today hopefully I'll post some cool pics you may like.

ramonetrooper said...

Hey Zippy 2- Daisy has a fine collection- You'll love the post later today.

Anonymous said...

fantastic story from Jayne, if she reads this again can she let us know if she had the same leathers on for the whole 3 weeks or did she take more?

This would make a good storey if I could write


ramonetrooper said...

Sounds to me like a nice road trip across America -and romantic in the truest sense.

Anonymous said...

Jayne back glad you like my little post, in answer to your question had a few items not just the one, flight was just leather jeans and my old biker jacket. took with me a leather mini and top for going out, some heavy leather real motorbike trousers from germany. and for a suprise he bought me a real American perfecto jacket there and still got it the leather is super quality really heavy hope thats answers the question. J

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Jayne-thx for answering that guys question- sounds like you got the right gear-it does gets cold on back of a bike- did you get to California?

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