Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hand in Glove Post-10



Gloves-in all shapes and sizes from various models and photographers-pictures will vary in size -but it's about the image and composition rather than how big the picture is.


Charlie said...

Love no. 4. Black leather gloves, biker jacket zipped up with her collar turned up. Nice.

Anonymous said...

another good set, really love pic 3 any more of her? the leather jacket on 4 looks so smooth and tactile, 8 is good and 12 looks very interesting.

Earl, Loves girls in leather

leather leathergloves said...

Glove it, I meant, love it!

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Gloves, I knew you'd appreciate this post-it's actually quite hard to find leather glove pictures , lace, wool and marigolds lol seem more popular -hopefully I'll find more once Post 11 comes around.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Earl-yep is a nice picture number 4-I always like red dresses mixed with black leather -seems like a good combination.. plus she's got gloves on so relevant to this post-the other pics you mentioned are great too-I have a few more of pic 12's model-I'll feature them on a later date so look out for those.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Charlie-I thought she looked classy and cool guess that's why I saved this pic- I might have a couple more of the same model-probably turn up on a Perfecto Day post in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Red leather jackets look good with black also.


ramonetrooper said...

Hi D You might like my next post :)

Charlie said...

Man, I agree. A red redss looks amazing with black leather jacket. Keep up the good work.

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