Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Skirt Alert- Post 6



Time flies felt like yesterday since last one of these a fortnight ago. .. anyhow hope you like them.


Anonymous said...

I like 7,8 but the fab red biker jacket with the black leather skirt is my vote good quality image also.


ramonetrooper said...

Hi D;
#1 is my fave here-also there's another pic from dress4you - the one piece with the roses- looks like Igot the numbers all jumbled up lol

Anonymous said...

Girl all clad in black leather think it looks like a dress with red roses look at the overall fantastic leather and zips love the really long one top to bottom of the leather if you had a girl wearing that for you what a zippy time you would have

zipy 2

ramonetrooper said...

Howdy Zippy-Yep its a nice overall outfit-not wild about the roses but a splash of colour does add something different.
Zippy doo Dah lol.. you familiar with British kids tv show Rainbow Zippy? just curious... if not look it up on youtube.

Anonymous said...

i think the roses spoil the overall look of the leather

ramonetrooper said...

yeah not sure it goes-but may look good in the flesh though-I think numbers, letters or symbols may of work better-I'm not a clothes designer, but I do create designs for comic strips-which involves coming up with clothes for characters to wear-so I when I say to have a dash of colour that would be either with patches or badges, something like that.

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