Friday, 21 March 2014

Cool Your Boots -Post 9

 18. Sorry its a bit late painting and chatting on FB -


Anonymous said...

Que gran post, esta precioso.
Me perdi en el cuero de la ebony 10.
Muy bueno.

ramonetrooper said...

Sorry Arturo can't read Spanish for the moment- new computer new operating system -windows 8 very confusing so can't get translator to work i'll answer properly once I've worked a few things out here.

ramonetrooper said...

hi arturo- used firefox- so i can translate again-no 10 i thought was special-very nice picture not sure there's anymore though-and anyhow I've lost absolutly every jpeg anyhow lol

Anonymous said...

The biker bird in 3 very tasty I could imagine that what that jayne looked like in her comment some time ago have I missed any more from her usa storey>

Earl loves a leather clad biker girl

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Earl- nope it's been rather quiet here of late. also lost all my old files.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm off soon to Germany, Hannover now i have my own bike this is my first trip abroad, the same rules apply as our USA trip only wear leather but he going to buy me a one piece motored suit he seen in Hannover for me to wear over the top of my perfecto and leather jeans, he loves me in lots of leather layers. this time he also can only wear leather nothing else.

This is an update for Earl as he asked in a comment.


ramonetrooper said...

Cheers for the update Jayne-I'm sure Earl appreciates it too have a good time on the autobahn.

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