Saturday, 1 March 2014

Exit Poll-3

Final one of these polls although- there is another poll of my devising running at
From what I can see it's nice to know that most of you who voted come here everyday-which is nice to see  that you're devoted -which makes me devoted-I'll try my up-most to make sure there's something new every day... and welcome to the 3 visitors who've only just discovered blog-hope you like what you see..and return.
Glad to know that the majority of you have been with this blog from the start-and that most of you have stuck with it for a few years-I try  to approach this blog  as a bit of fun-maybe It's mainly about stuff I like but if you like it too then that's cool- I don't want to approach it like a market researcher or anything-there's way too much of that stuff out there on the web I think a more human individual approach works better for me and I hope for you too.
Your feedback is always welcome- so keep those comments coming in.

How Often Do You Visit This Blog.

very Day
  51 (67%)
A Few Times A Week
  10 (13%)
Once a Week
  7 (9%)
Once in a Blue Moon
  5 (6%)
This is my First Visit
  3 (3%)

Votes so far: 76

How Long Have You Been Visiting This Blog

Only Recently

  14 (18%)
Over the Last Year or So
  9 (12%)
For a Few Years
  33 (44%)
Since it started in 2008.
  19 (25%)

Votes so far: 75
Poll closed
 Thank you to all who voted.


人参三郎 said...

Great photo! Thanks a lot! You have good taste!

ramonetrooper said...

that's an old one from 1964 or there abouts-thanks for your kind words

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