Thursday, 27 March 2014

Screencaps Post -Dredd (2012) Part 2.

Second part of Dredd screencap post-part 3 soon/The films/ uniforms nothing like the one in comic but more realistic (not so  cartoon sexy but more riot cop -which is more believable)much better than uniform in the 1995 Dredd film.


Anonymous said...

might need to find this film if there is that much leather in it


ramonetrooper said...

Oh its a good film-I'm a fan of the comic it's closer to the character than what Stallone did with it in 1990's Judge Anderson is well acted too -Olivia got her character ..but it's very violent just in case you haven't got the stomach for that kind of thing-like Dirty Harry meets Blade Runner-I'll post final part of caps over the weekend

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