Saturday, 12 April 2014

Cool Cats -Post 14

18 Got a fair bit of help from Pinintrest website with some of these images -bless it.


Anonymous said...

Fotos realmente preciosas hay en
este gran blog es.
Se hace difĂ­cil elegir alguna.
Lonardo desde Rio Negro-Argentina

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Lonardo- Thanks-I don't really ask people to chose -they just do I tend to like most of the pictures I post here.

Anonymous said...

zippy likes most of these leather clad zipped up beauties too many to mention love them all especially no 8


ramonetrooper said...

They're all great Zippy-I've featured 8 before on LB2 blog once or twice- I think I like the Liz Hurley and meercat picture(does this mean Austin Powers 4 is in the pipeline?)and #17 the most though here.

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