Saturday, 5 April 2014


A Special post for Kurt-he was like my generations Buddy Holly -I will always be thankful to him.Pictured above Frances from Kurt's heroes The Vaselines.
First single was a cover of this Shocking Blue single-first time I heard it was on John Peels show- I was into Mudhoney at that time so Nirvana were like the little brother band-but this tune well you knew these guys were intense -serious kickass bass line It was love at first hear.

Kurt adored these girls I can see and hear why... they're still going strong which is cool.
Sampled the the Hell out of Teen Spirit-really important record like a war cry-although song itself remains mysterious is it about deodorant?-gotta love Kurt just for the fact he was so enigmatic but truthful at the same time-everything an artist should be.
 Course the phrase was coined by Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill
Had to feature Kurts Mrs

 Have to finish of post with Kurt's saddest songs, performed by his friend Sinead...can't embed so I'll link
Really I felt I should remember Kurt today-normal service will resume tomorrow.

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