Saturday, 12 April 2014

New Feature Poll

#1 Screencaps-
#2 Girls with Guitars.
#3 Live Music Shots
New Poll -I've done about 22 "Down on the Street" posts and I thought I'd give it a short break until the other posts caught up with that number- so thought I'd feature a new poll this weekend -don't go by the individual picture I've posted here- but by which theme appeals to you most- Screencaps I've featured many times here in the past but not really on a weekly basis- if that wins I'll probably stock up on my dvd collection.Option 2 is Girls with Guitars noticed many good photos featuring guitars as a prop but I won't just feature models pretending to be rockstars but a few promotional group shots too.Option 3- is live music photography -which I see a skill and an artform within itself , as a painter I like the way coloured lights interact with leather too(not a good example here seeing as it's black and white-but it's a nice iconic image)but always liked that type of reportage photography-it also gives me an excuse to feature music here the same applies with option 2. .Final option is a no brainer for me seeing a I've always liked Cowgirls since seeing Calamity Jane when I was about 3 or 4 years old- this all Doris Day's fault lol- anyhow weigh up the options and work out which of these features you'd like to see on a weekly basis

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