Thursday, 28 August 2014

Avengers Post- Enemy Agents

I've featured The Avengers quite a fair bit on this blog over the years- but today I'll turn my attention to a few of the lesser known characters that donned leather or shiny attire for the show - who worked for the other side against John Steed , Cathy Gale and Emma Peel..

Hilda Stern-Played by Julia Arnall in "Intercrime" an episode first broadcast in 1963, I had to bring back her character for comic - she's great..She's kinda pissed off here with Cathy as she's stolen her identity now she wants payback.

The Avengers - Intercrime by leedavid3312Love whats he's done with these clips.
9.Elin Strindberg Portrayed by Edina Ronay-a Hungarian Bardot you could say In a 1964 episode entitled "The Nutshell" a escape artist also liked tying guys up for a few bob -lot of that kind of stuff in these shows lol -You briefly catch a glimpse of Edina in clip up above(Avengers clips from this era is rare thing on youtube-kind of a pity as that era contained best stories-The Nutshell being one of many)
12.Angela Browne as Sara...  Rare treat for you Emma Fans a whole episode from where these promotional images came from-I love this episode...real fembot stuff lol. by superannuatedlps

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