Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I'm now Halfway through writing the third and Final act of my Avengers story starring not just John Steed and Cathy Gale but also Emma before she was Mrs Peel and Mrs Eliza Keel (Elizabeth Shepherd who was the Emma that never was.. until now)so thought I'd share a few pictures today... this is my 8001st post Most people just do about just three posts on a blog and then give up lol.guess my approach to  things is all Hell for Leather.
Emma in full fight suit mode - but won't see her like this in story I'm writing - it's more like a run up to how she became a secret agent , but perhaps I'll find an excuse for it to turn up in the story that follows this one-the nice thing about writing is that when one story ends another one begins... that's the nature of comics.

Outfit from the 5th Colour Season -I've never seen this image before yesterday.
Elizabeth Shepherd as Emma Peel before Dame Diana Rigg took over the role- I couldn't not feature her , the Red oufit as well fits into the story too(I've made her a commie seeing as the Gale era is at the height of the Cold War-so story will address those issues rather than the more fantastical kind of story lines of the colour seasons -which I imagine most people are familiar with - but that rarely shown early Sixties period- just as things are about to take off- that's the era I prefer) I also like the fact she had the idea to carry all these James Bond-ian gadgets- perhaps it's not the Emma Peel we know and love but if she's a separate character that might work - there's a great interview with Elisabeth on Studio Canal's fourth season boxset where I screen captured these rare images..I've ordered "Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots" -which is a definitive guide to The Avengers from Amazon perhaps they'll be more information about  her lost one and a half episodes.
Of course the main focus of the story I'm producing is Steed and Gale -it does irritate me somewhat that if you type in Avengers (be it for this show or the punk band)into a search engine you get Iron Man Captain America , Black Widow etc..not that I dislike these comics and movies but  the name was first used for this show , so borrowing the idea from Boom Comics who produce The Steed and Mrs Peel comics I will title scripts and what will eventually become comic strips Steed and Mrs Gale (I read a funny interview with Patrick Macnee yesterday fom way back in 1965  where it's suggested Cathy killed her husband- which of course is possible and that Cathy was "All Leather and Britannia" which is a fantastic description )anyhow I must press on ..I need to figure out the next few scenes -I do enjoy at least attempting to write these characters-hopefully I'm keeping it Peel.

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