Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Perfecto Day -Post 23



18. You may of noticed there's no Leather Beauties post- I did state that I'd give that feature a break-but within a week more pics worthy of this blog have appeared so it may return sooner than later..I haven't changed header yet which is something I need to do very soon seeing as it's now September- but instead of a huge 18 picture poll -I thought I'd try something different(I'm trying to colour black and white photos of four of my favourite models at this time - so that'll take a few hours- I need to make a good job of them but that will be new poll for September)


Anonymous said...

well you are working hard on the blog not only catsuits but perfecto you know how much i like perfecto day,
my best one from this post is 7 the leather she is wearing looks so real the grain of the black leather the stud shiny chrome and the chunky zipps you could almost smell the jacket the photographer captured it well.
Earl loves a leather clad perfecto girl

ramonetrooper said...

Good thing about #7 is I have a few more from this shoot I'll post them randomly in posts here and on the other blog- I really liked that picture too

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