Sunday, 26 October 2014

Leather Beauty-Drive In -Vampire Double Bill

Halloweens on it's way.. so in-between trying to find new pictures(see last post) I'll post a few videos this week -starting off with a Vampire double bill I haven't seen the first film so it will probably not make much sense the prequel is on youtube too though - but I like the look of Celia here(played by Amanda Wyss) I do recognise Michael Praed who played Robin Hood before Jason Connery took over - Praed though quit for Dynasty - where he appeared in just a few episodes .. I think he got shot at a wedding gatecrashed by terrorists -unintentional comedy gold  -didn't anybody realize that show was really daft at the time? I imagine if you saw it now it would be like the Batman tv show but with shoulder pads and bitching .. second film in double bill is a Chinese movie.

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