Sunday, 23 November 2014

Madame Gerda


 Hannah Wild's nemesis portrayed by Kate O'Mara .This post I guess this  is my little tribute to her-one week you'd see her in a pointless soap set on a  ferry that was going around in triangles then she'd be knocking about with The Master in Doctor Who.. (Kate playedThe Rani also a Time Lord -not sure what the female variation  for that title is officially lol but it's a move in the right direction) and then the next week she'd turn up in Dynasty .
Madame Gerda was the main villianess in The Avengers stage play - outfitted by AtomAge as were her crack troops "The Forces of Evil"..sounds very obvious lol  here's my original post concerning the play
I'm currently watching the New Avengers -the show is nothing like this stage play - but entertaining none the less ...Purdey post to follow soon.
this blogs turning into spyvibe lol..Whatever happened to Tatu?

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