Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Avengers Screencaps Post-"The Last of the Cybernauts"

Short scene but funny-the final in a trilogy where Steed and his compadres clash with those Robotic Rude Boys -The Cybernauts .- outfit Purdey's wearing is very 70's but interesting as it looks far eastern in its design.
my fave of the three episodes has to be  the first Cybernauts -and not just for the wardrobe  the music in that one was excellent ... even though the Return of the Cybernauts stars Peter Cushing and the guy who played Officer McKay in Porridge(Fulton Mackay)Def Leppard doing songs I actually like, Big Mick Ronson fans by the sound of it Noticed theres also Mexican movie called The Cybernauts I think The Cybernaut in that becomes a luchadore lol

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