Monday, 17 November 2014

The Avengers Screencaps-"Homicide and Old Lace"(1969)

Screencaps from possibly the oddest episode of The Avengers as it was strung together from old footage from two years previous for an abandoned episode entitled the Great Great Britain Crime" originally the producer had envisioned Tara to be a blond -this resulted in actress Linda Thorton having to wear wigs as the bleaching process went all wrong so for the first eleven or so episodes she wore a variety of rugs-anyway this episode is strange for the fact as it's a story told by Mother to his Aunties -which is good way to use old footage but it didn't work as a complete episode for me- although I'm glad to see Intercrime back -(I'll be featuring that organisation myself in my Steed and Gale stories)


leather leathergloves said...

I must watch this series. Not sure whether they are available on Youtube.

ramonetrooper said...

There were a few episodes floating around youtube for a while but they've taken down-besides much better on a dvd anyhow lots of special features behind the scenes stuff plus the people involved in making show get paid..

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