Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wild Years



Hannah Wild portrayed by Sue Lloyd in the the Theatre version of The Avengers back in 1971 two years after TV Show  concluded Sue Llyod sadly no longer with us is the lady Harry Palmer cooks a meal for in The Ipcress File so a very classy dame she also starred in a show called The Baron which I will have to investigate as well as countless movies ..Pink Panther Strikes Again springs to mind. I like the way AtomAge the magazine  tied the two productions together John Sutcliff I salute you... kindred spirits -Hannah Wild of course was portrayed by Charlotte Rampling in a Emma Peel Episode  entitled "The Superlative Seven " it's a classic, Donald Sutherland , Brian Blessed..among others - one of the best colour episodes .. but when I saw this one thought Hannah would cross paths with Steed again-very quick with a sixshooter.
It;s only natural once Tara slung her hook Hannah would be logical partner for Steed between Purdey
it's a no brainer,Charlotte really resonated in that episode -it was kind of a precusour to Battle Royale and The Hunger Games scenario.

With the Harris- :D
10. Awesome picture shite size.
There needs to be a proper Avengers timeline it's just as important as Bond ... not my choice of song but
good easy going cocktail music lol,

So wonderful.

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