Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Japans Grace-Post 4

Some old snaps(except for one) from old`CD Rom from original J-Grace site which is now of course Venustas
Lots of bikey jackets for this post -main reason I liked this site so much was that I created a character for comic with very much this kind of look - so around the same time I discovered internet and photoshop these pictures were a godsend as before she'd be illustrated in black line and ink but I wanted to get a way from that and paint directly with photoshop as nobody else was doing it at the time - plus the pictures were mysterious -which is far more sexier than the plain obvious (well to me anyhow)
Just joined Tumblr following in footsteps- not sure exactly what kind of page I'll come up  with - It won't be totally connected to this blog-more than likely be my own art -which is in dire need of been seen so Tumblr may be a good platform for that  too.


online movies database said...

hey i recently bought the same jacket you have from site reduceri

ramonetrooper said...

Some dude that visits here has been after that particular jacket for years-I hope he gets to see your comment.

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