Saturday, 6 December 2014

Shiny Spectres


Everytime a new Bond film is announced within this blog and Leather Beauty 2 (here's the Skyfall post from a few years back  lifespan I tend to feature a post about the forthcoming films female stars so I won't  break from tradition - first up  Monica Belluci who is to play a character by the name of Lucia Sciarra- whether she's going to working for Spectre itself is yet to be seen - but she seems to fit the bill for a long tradition of Bond Femme Fatales ..

Naomi  Harris returns as Moneypenny- somehow I doubt she'll be trapped behind a desk - I'd like to see her character take a active role in  this movie -seeing as she was a field agent in Skyfall .
Lea Seydoux -is to play a character  called Madeline Swann (sounds very Bondian) - but it seems all the talk is about Blofeld returning - my take on this that Christopher Waltz is Dr No rather than the cat stroking one-(It would be nice to see the cat again though -- I think they should build up his pressence but not show him till the following movie or the film that follows that) Waltz's character is called Oberhauser -who in the original books trained Bond in mountaineering , it's also the name of a Nazi war criminal so he could be a bad guy--all will revealed in  October  next year if film runs to schedule.

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