Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Agent Carter Screencaps-"Now is Not the End" (2014)

 A few selective stills from the first episode of Agent Carter(Just saw the third episode fantastic stuff -like a living kicking and screaming  pulp magazine bought to life with a mix of proto Avengers /Steed rather than just  Cap mixed in) good all round characterization too Jarvis for one (I hope we never see wife-it adds that Dads Army/Minder mystique lol) But Peggy's an  all round good egg .. although  I get the feeling H.Y.D.R.A may as started off as a Diner (all that green in a restaurant -kind of a give away lol,, have to wait and see)
Excellent soundtrack too..

Probably feature some Black Widow here sometime around the time of this ..the release of the second Mighty Avengers flick.

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