Friday, 16 January 2015

Cool Cats -Post 27


 I like this dudes work
: there's also a website too but pictures aren't showing up  well at  least on my browser.
doesn't mean i'm gonna feature a video though.. just not rock n roll enuff just yet.
 Sneak peak Black Widows new fight suit-this here's Scarlets stunt double(wonder if it's Zoe from Death Proof? ..couldn't find any credit which is a pity -stunt people deserve high praise.)

Pie Hawkers!! Still think we should get the classic 70's Black Widow -maybe if Agent Carter runs a few seasons(if each mini season-8 episodes is an ample amount if a show needs to retain it's quality-were to be set in a different decade that might work-)it's just there were 2 Black Widows -one in the 1960's who wore a very strange very 40's get up seeing as she was created by Don Heck the other was the shorter haired 1980's Yelena Belova- maybe if they were to mix up the history a little in that show that would be the Ultimate)

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