Sunday, 3 May 2015

7 and 7 is...

It's the blogs Seventh Birthday - got me thinking how did it all start and why? it's part of my daily routine now- I think it was born out frustration or as a protective shell -hardly really write about myself here-tend to bung up a few pictures or videos but thought I'd actually do what  proper bloggers are meant to do and share a few thoughts for a change- I think it was  the series of pictures of Yasmin on Leathered Life that made me decide to create a blog about this theme.-that and the original J-Grace site - these are screencaps from video it's a pity I can't find zip-sets on this site any more as they were  really good.
Yasmin here  looked very much like  a girl I met-who I knew was getting married but we had a fling -but it meant more to me than  just that  and even more once she went back to her native country - which is how things go-we had a strange telepathy it was nice I knew  that she was  right for me-there was no arguing at all -maybe it happened too quickly -but it couldn't be-she is probably better off with the  rich guy she married rather than the likes of me  ,for years and years I've been incomunicado until recently - she has a family a carrer and  doing well I'm happy for her-but for years I had a jealous streak that streched all around the world -but  you realise after time that love is not just a physical thing or a possessive thing but a mental thing -you have to let things go and make use of it -been  trying to grow up a bit recently lol . I was trying  to put arm around a memory against Johnny Thunders advice (but did he ever listen either lol)
I mentioned blog may of come about as a protective cushion - I guess it was , I'd gone through  a harrowing experience the winter before- was walking home with a friend (he has a drink problem) - I had to carry him back - these awful chavvy kids were acting all rowdy -my friend was paralytic couldn't walk unassisted but these thugs thought we were a couple or something (sort of funny if you think about it-but aftermath wasn't so nice-and these kids minds must be so ugly)they started throwing bottles at us then they laid out my drunken buddy -they would of killed him -my own father died in a violent incident and I didn't want history to repeat itself  and I was outraged too as well they had no right to do that so I took all three of them on -stupid of me as theres three of them and one of  me  ,one  of them was big and looking for trouble (he was such  an arsehole walking around in November with no shirt on-making it hard for me to  grab and throw him ) they beat me down ,kicked me , in the ribs and  teeth -it was horrible and I lost my jacket in the skirmish until  a passer by called the cops - the chickenshits split  down the street - a ambulance was called.
I wound up on anti depressants and started boozing heavily myself (well done Blair all night drinking hours that was a really good idea -not) and went to  see a councillor about once a week.-the worst thing was I didn't want to paint and draw all this coudn't happen at a worse time as I was trying to get show on the road with a indie comic -this horrible intrussion well it wrecked everything..
So in a bid to cheer myself up and inspire something creative - started this blog- it helped me get out of the dumps- within a  while I was off the  tablets cut back on the beer and I was re-inspired to create art again- I  liked the idea of making people happy and seeing there dreams   -it gave me a focus.- but enough of my waffle doubt you'll ever get to read such  a instropective and personal post here again  (if you read this at all there's plenty of distraction around here lol)but it sheds a little light on why this blog exists... here's a few memorable faces and outfits that have bought their unique individual splendor to this blog over the years .
7 years  of my own little Coolworld  -It's been a odd trip with it's ups and downs -really it's   the sights and sounds I like  is what it is -rather than some label that makes you stop thinking -  some of  the content might not what you expect-here but I like that element Conforming to set rules is mighty borring-. Watching that Daisy video yesterday got me thinking  and reasoning why I make an effort here. Muses are vital in keeping art alive -a badass chick can inspire the greatest Rock n Rock song or the finest works of art and fiction -for that I'm grateful.Not like me to be so personal here -but it's not a robot putting up  these cool pictures and videos up -I'm surprised blogs kept going- and that hopefully that it's interesting too for you rather than just wall to wall pin-ups which at first glance  it may seem  like  but it's far more than that... I like to think blogs evolved within these magnificent seven years...
7 and 7 =Love .. but I'm going to feature RAMONES though which this short features that song along with other classics seems more apt on this blog...take it C.J (my nickname too)


Anonymous said...

great post. thanks for all the hard work over the years.

ramonetrooper said...

Cheers -see you in another 7 fingers crossed.

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